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Excellent Human-Oriented Technology

Elevator: MRL-II
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Machine Roomless Elevator - LEHY-MRL-II

Maintain Superiority and Nobility

LEHY Machine-Room-Less Elevators (LEHY-MRL-II) are a new generation of standard machine-room-less elevators developed by Shanghai Mitsubishi in response to market demands. With higher technology content and decoration quality, LEHY-MRL-II elevators maintain the superior quality of Shanghai Mitsubishi and the nobility of LEHY-MRL elevators.

Freight Elevator - LEHY-G

The HOPE-IIG freight elevator no longer adopts traditional general frequency converter driving technology, but combines the VVVF vector transformation formerly used in SMEC passenger elevators with high-power diving system. Thus the technical and professional level of the freight elevator is greatly raised, and make HOPE-IIG operate as smooth and comfortable as passenger elevator. At the same moment, the utilization of intelligent high-power module (IPM) protects the power module more effectively with the swift protection circuit, which further promotes the reliability of the driving system.
HOPE-IIG freight elevator integrates various cutting-edge technologies, and operates with high efficiency and energy saving. The utilization range varies from different levels of load capacity, from 640kg to 7000kg.

Observation Lift.PNG

Observation Elevator - LEHY-MRL-PANORAMIC

LEHY-MRL series machine-room-less panoramic elevator, with its thoughtful machine room design, effectively saves installation space, improves building use rate and reduces the impact to the construction appearance. It is possible to adopt self-supporting type or non-self-supporting type according to client's elevator hoistway type, which has wider application scope and gives client more choice to the client and building design.

Home Elevator - LEON-II

Simple But Smart

LEON-II is packed with all the latest technology with New-generation machine-room-less elevator system, where smaller space is required and more flexible layout to perfectly suit the requirements of your home elevators. 

Intelligent Technology

Water Ion Fan - smart sensor which automate the switching of fan mode with the environment.

Child safety lock button and more.... 

hospital lift.PNG

Hospital Elevator - LEHY-III B

SMEC LEHY-III B Hospital Bed Elevator is designed to meet the requirements for using in special environment of hospital to the maximum extent. User-friendly car design, simple and bright, combined with a large number of antibacterial materials, creating a clean and comfortable space for operation. Complement to modern medical environment and facilities in every way with harmonious unity. Creating a caring and comfortable space for the patients.

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High Speed Elevator - LEHY-M-II/LEHY-H

Shanghai Mitsubishi LEHY-M-II / LEHY-H are high-grade elevators specifically designed for commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, high-end residential properties. Integrated with Mitsubishi VVVF drive control technology, energy feedback technology with dual PWM control, data network control technology, and many other advantages of Mitsubishi technology, it is undoubtedly is the classics of elevator in the world.

Passenger Elevator - LEHY-III

LEHY-lll inherits the outstanding performance of  LEHY-ll, leads the new trend of compact machine room elevator in the future with break through techniques and innovations. After the innovations of "Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Speed Regulating Control Techniques" and "Permanent Magnetic (PM) Synchronous Traction", Shanghai Mitsubishi promotes new generation of LEHY-lll series compact machine room elevator. LEHY-lll adopts multiple nationwide or worldwide advanced techniques, standing a new banner focusing on safety, comfort and technology.


Vehicle Elevator

By using the world's advanced technology, the CIC-V vehicle elevator is designed specifically according to the special needs of vehicles for space and performance. With higher system flexibility and reliability, this elevator provides more safety and travels more stably and comfortably.

CIC-V vehicle elevators.PNG
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