Excellent Human-Oriented Technology

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Excellent Human-Oriented Technology

The design of Mitsubishi passenger elevators never deviates from the principle of high efficiency, energy saving and high quality. Many advanced industrial technologies have been applied to our products, such as PM gearless traction technology, VVVF speed regulating technology, energy feedback technology, microcomputer-based distributed data network control technology, intelligent door operator technology, AI group control management technology and variable-speed elevator technology.


In addition, international advanced processing technologies and tools have been adopted to guarantee product's quality, such as surface-mount technology, laser-welding robot, instant formation workmanship of sheet metal piece on assembly line and high-accuracy digital control machine. A variety of car decoration solutions, and operation panel and elevator hall call with various innovative large LCD screen enables the interior and exterior of the elevator fashionable, elegant and harmonious with different building decoration styles. In general, Mitsubishi passenger elevators are characterized by advance technology, reliable quality, smooth and comfortable operation, energy saving, environmental protection and elegant decoration.


Simple and Smooth Design with Elegant Appearance


The design concept of Mitsubishi escalator always keeps in step with the technology development in the world. The J-type escalator with simple and smooth design saves much space for users; the A-type escalator with multi-drive makes unlimited traveling height possible; the innovation of the spiral escalator undermines the traditional concept that escalator has to travel up and down in a straight line.

The perfect integration of the high-accuracy helical gear speed reduction drive and the variable speed technology provides our escalators with a “heart” featuring high efficiency, energy saving and low noise. The unique single-side positioning high-accuracy U-shaped guide rail is outfitted with high quality guard of perfect feel so that safety will be guaranteed, still, with a sense of elegance. With a wide range of options such as lighting solutions beneath handrails, lighting solutions beneath steps and guard decorations, elevators are able to be tailored in unique styles to properly suit the surrounding environment: from noisy public traffic system to hotels and shopping malls where compact design and sufficient comfort are a must, so as to provide comfort and ease to passengers in traveling up and down as well as ornament the bustling business environment with more charm. 

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Passenger Conveyor

Quiet and Beautiful

Traveling on the Mitsubishi C-series passenger conveyor will make passengers feel that they are traveling through a quiet time tunnel, so as to enable them to have a rest from the busy lift and travel forward while enjoying rest.

The Mitsubishi C-series passenger conveyor is outfitted with a range of safety protectors. Its full-computerized electric control system can disconnect the power supply promptly if the operation is abnormal. The application of several energy-saving technologies constantly saves operational cost for users. The unique damping and noise reducing structure provides passengers with comfortable, stable and quiet experience in traveling. 



Monitoring And Control System

Keep It Simple and Under Control

Due to the adoption of advanced modern information technologies, the SMOS-II system is able to perform centralized supervision on several elevators with the help of one single computer, so as to make the tedious elevator management work easy and effective. 

The system uses the LONWORKS field bus technologies to supervise and manage elevators on a reliable and unified information platform. In addition to improve data transmission and processing efficiency as well as system's expansibility, advanced technologies also can reduce customers' cost significantly. And more importantly, the LONWORKS network uses the transformer isolation technology to transmit data so that the whole system have higher anti-interference performance and its operation is more stable. 

More function options are available to enhance the capabilities of the comprehensive elevator monitoring and control system, improve the utilization ratio of elevator and prolong its service life. 


Spare Parts

High Quality and Reliability

As part of MY service, we also assist Building Owners to source spare parts for the elevator and escalator including travelator and dumbwaiter. Please contact us for a price comparison.


Design & Consultation

Bringing great design ideas to completion.

In addition to the sales and marketing of elevators and escalators in Malaysia, the company also provides free consultation and design services.