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Escalator: Product


Excellent Human-Oriented Technology


Escalator Series HE

To deal with large passenger flow transportation and lifting height, Mitsubishi Elevator Enterprise designed Series HE Escalator in accordance with the requirement for public service escalator in GB16899-2011. This special escalator is mainly suitable for public transportation, such as subway stations, light rail stations, airports. However, it can also be used for other places such as hotels and shopping malls.

Escalator Series Smart K-II

Lead the Future with Intelligent Features

With its Intelligent safety features, Smart K-II monitor the conditions of passengers and the escalator which may pose possible hazards when an escalator is running, in a dynamic, real-time and active manner. Smart K-II detect changes in the ambient volume, temperature, light level, and rainfall (outdoor) in real time to realize dynamic and intelligent control of escalators.

Smart K-II utilize real-time intelligent monitoring to improve the efficiency and pertinence of operations management and maintenance of escalators.

Smart K-II
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