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Our Services

Ensuring Our Clients receive The Most Quality, Reliable and Timely Service.

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Boost Quality & Preserve Safety

We constantly develop the latest elevator installation workmanship in order to remain at the world-leading level.


Parts Inventory

Quality, Safety, Timely

We assist Building Owners to source Quality products as well as keeping our stock system in order to provide Speedy and Timely service

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Safe & Reliable

Maximizing the operation time of machinery is one of our priority by employing unique maintenance procedures as well as special computer and tools.


Design & Consultation

Transport In Style

In addition to the sales and marketing of elevators and escalators in Malaysia, the company also provides free consultation and design services


Renewal & Reconstruction

Only The Best

We appropriately apply new technology, feature and material to in-service elevator to expand its functions, improve operation reliability and traveling comfort, and further satisfy special demands of customers.



Maximizing Efficiency

We together with DOSH, provide regular inspection for owners to ensure lift are efficient and safe to use. 2nd schedule inspection is done every 3 months

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