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Crocs Shoes & Escalator Accidents

(Friday November 10, 2006)

Over the last couple of years, Crocs shoes have exploded as one of the biggest footwear trends ever. But over the last couple of months, the rubber clogs have come under some scrutiny due to escalator accidents involving children wearing the beloved colorful Crocs shoes.

While Crocs are popular enough to be identified by name after such an accident occurs, it's important to note that other shoes can also pose a risk to riders.

In fact, most recently, a child in Singapore lost her big toe wearing rubber clogs that resembled Crocs, but were actually an imitation brand.

Parents should be aware that any type of rubber or soft, pliable shoes can be problematic, as can long and untied shoe laces.

In recent statements, the Crocs company claimed that "Crocs shoes are completely safe," and went on to point out that escalators that have not received proper care and maintenance pose a risk to their riders. They have called for improved escalator safety, and are currently designing a new tag that includes safety tips for escalators.

The Japanese government on Friday urged people to be careful while wearing the popular Crocs clogs or imitations on escalators after 40 people were said to have their shoes caught, with one little girl injured. A consumer safety group reported 40 incidents in which people, mostly children, had Crocs stuck on escalators from late August until early this month. One five-year-old girl broke her middle toe and three of her toenails were ripped off after her shoe was stuck on the moving stairs, said the group, the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation. Six other people were mildly injured including children as young as two, it said. The remaining 33 people reported that their shoes were damaged.

Crocs is a U.S. footwear brand that has found a fan base in Japan and other countries both among parents and children for its comfortable and flexible material that can easily grip onto surfaces. 

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